Our 36 schools are located in Eindhoven and the surrounding area – a promising region where progressive collaboration is self-evident. At SKPO, we constantly anticipate changes around us and help to shape society. We do this creatively and independently, based on complete confidence in the potential of children and in our own development programmes.

Confidence in children, confidence in each other

We can achieve more by working together. We involve many partners in our social mission. Our professionals constantly move with the times and develop, just like the children whom we support through our work.

Education for the future

Our shared ambition determines the course for all SKPO schools. We have formulated core values that guide us down our chosen path. They are reflected by our organisation, by our professionals and by the manner in which we work with our pupils and partners.


Feel enthusiasm and motivation to learn and experience success.
Learn lots and across the board. Those who remain curious and dare to doubt, will blossom.



You and all your ‘unique characteristics’ have a right to exist. Believe in yourself, now and in the future. Be ambitious, take the initiative. What if you occasionally face setbacks? Grasp them as an opportunity to build on your resilience and versatility.


Those who actively participate in society embrace responsibility. For themselves and for others. Responsibility also means showing respect and having a moral compass. Thinking in terms of opportunities and possibilities. Taking the initiative and giving.


Connections are created by working together and engaging in enterprising activities. By being a meaningful partner for others. By respecting standards and values. By adopting this approach, you make everybody feel that they belong, and you let others into your life. SKPO aims to create powerful connections, across the full spectrum of diversity.

Vision and course

Our shared ambition determines the course for all schools. We have worked this out in a detailed strategic plan.

Our schools

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Professionals who move with the times – SKPO is an employer that believes in opportunities, flexibility and development. Shared ambition and personal goals are our priorities – not rules. Freedom from constraints is a prerequisite for growth. The teams shape their school themselves. You will always be able to find a school that suits you among our 36 schools.