All our schools are situated in the bigger Eindhoven area, which can be described as an environment that is rich potential and has unique dynamics. We feel that working together in order to progress is self-evident. Both creative and independent thinking are of great value to us when it comes to learning and developing.

Promising education for all our pupils

We provide every pupil with as many developmental opportunities as possible. We offer education that is tailored to their needs and in the proximity of their homes. We have a thorough knowledge of every pupil’s needs and adapt our wide range of educational activities to these needs. We provide a rich learning environment, both inside and outside the walls of our schools. Parents as well as the children’s surroundings play a major role in its establishment. In addition to our focus on cognitive development, we focus on personal development.

High expectations

We expect a lot from both our pupils and each other. Our approach is based on every individual’s aptitudes and abilities. All our pupils are offered a broad foundation that will help them to get ready for their next step in life.


We want you to show courage while you learn. Personal development is an ongoing process of setting goals, learning and reflecting. While focusing on your enthusiasm and motivation, we teach you to use your aptitudes and abilities. We help you to do things yourself. Being curious and not being afraid to make mistakes are characteristics you need in order to learn. We look at others and at the world with an open mind. Together we create a rich learning environment.


More of you. You have every right to be you and to have your own quirks. You add something beautiful to the world by using your initiative and ambition. Sometimes things do not turn out the way you want them to. Remember that these are the times you learn most. Lean on your confidence and show some resilience.


Responsibility and trust go hand in hand. We will give you plenty of trust and responsibility, in order for you to develop ownership. You learn to take responsibility for yourself and for others. By reaching out to someone on a basis of trust, you show respect and you think in possibilities.


Working together and learning together are a given for us. We are open to anyone and treat each other respectfully. By using the power of diversity, meaningful connections are able to develop. We want to be meaningful for each other and our aim is to make each other successful.

Vision and course

Our shared ambition determines the course for all schools. We have worked this out in a detailed strategic policy plan.

Our schools

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Professionals who move with the times – SKPO is an employer that believes in opportunities, flexibility and development. Shared ambition and personal goals are our priorities – not rules. Freedom from constraints is a prerequisite for growth. The teams shape their school themselves. You will always be able to find a school that suits you among our 36 schools.