Working for SKPO

Professionals who move with the times – SKPO is an employer that believes in opportunities, flexibility and development. Shared ambition and personal goals are our priorities – not rules. Freedom from constraints is a prerequisite for growth. The teams shape their school themselves. You will always be able to find a school that suits you among our 36 schools.

Flexible and dynamic

SKPO offers plenty of opportunities for personal development. For example, our own pool of flexible employees who are available on-call. We offer new employees flexible employment contracts that allow them to replace absent colleagues or start immediately at one of our 36 schools. And some of our experienced, internal employees participate in this pool for greater freedom of movement. They get to know different schools via the pool.

Education for the future

In all the choices we make, the best interests of the child are central. You are offered the opportunity of applying different educational concepts, working in different groups and getting acquainted with different pupils and methods. This variety helps you to understand your own personal qualities. A good basis for finding the school that suits you best and moving on to the next stage in your personal development.

Applying for a position

Is the following a good description of you as a person? You enjoy your work and want to perform a little better every day. As a professional, you are committed to delivering quality and you take others to task if they fall short in this area. You are inquisitive and not afraid to ask questions and investigate for yourself. You take responsibility and are prepared to be held accountable.


At SKPO, we find personal development and sharing knowledge extremely important. Does our vision appeal to you? Come and work for SKPO!

SKPO evolves constantly. So we are always interested in welcoming new colleagues, both now and in the future.

Are you already employed by SKPO? If so, please check for vacancies on theintranet site.


A career in education starts before you obtain your degree or diploma. Would you like to become our colleague of tomorrow? We offer internships that give you all the opportunities you need to develop. Ask your course administrator for more details or contact our schools directly.