Relocating to Eindhoven is a huge undertaking even more when children are involved. We are well aware that once your children are settled in, life is easier. Part of this is adjusting to a new home, making new friends, joining sportclubs and adjusting to their new environment. This presents you as parents with a lot of challenges such as where to live and new school arrangements.


When it concerns children’s education up to 12 years old, SKPO can offer you a wide range of 35 excellent primary schools. All schools are located in children friendly environments throughout Eindhoven and surrounding villages. Every SKPO school has its own strength and individuality to offer the education your child(ren) need.


Primary schools in the Netherlands start from the age of 4. Children up to the age of 5 years old can easily enroll in the Dutch educational system. Being in a Dutch speaking surrounding all day, they will pick up Dutch fairly easy. We believe that the most important aspect for picking up another language is a large vocabulary in their first language. Some SKPO schools offer special language classes for these youngsters.


All SKPO schools offer education for children ages 4-12. Seeing all SKPO schools are also IKC (Integrated Child Center) or SPIL (Playing, Integration and Learning Center), children from ages 0-4 can take part in daycare, playschool and school/toddler activities. So children from ages 0 -12 are more than welcome at our SKPO schools. If your child(ren) already speak some Dutch enrolling in a SKPO-school is an excellent possibility. For children ages 6 to 12 years who do not speak Dutch at all, every school has its own criteria for accepting a new scholar, so feel free to contact the school of your choice.


The SKPO also has a special school De Wereldwijzer. This school offers an intensive Dutch-language-program for a maximum of 14 months. The Wereldwijzer has 2 locations in Eindhoven. After the period of several months your child(ren) can enroll in any of the SKPO primary schools with a firm Dutch vocabulary base. Most SKPO schools offer additional extensive Dutch programs to help your child(ren) to expand their Dutch vocabulary.


Some SKPO school have even extended their services to accommodate the wishes of spouses by offering Dutch language classes and spousal programs. Everything to make relocating to Eindhoven easier.


We understand that you want to visit Eindhoven so you can plan your relocation. We invite you to contact any of the schools of your choosing and set up an intake and/or schedule a guided tour. You are more than welcome in any one of our primary schools.


Interested? All information about the SKPO and its primary schools are available on this site. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

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