About SKPO

We like to present ourselves transparently to the outside world because we see our partners – ranging from parents to the education inspectorate and the government – as both critics and contributors of ideas and expertise. We enjoy working with them. Our annual report, which is a public document, explains our vision & ambition and our philosophy on maintaining quality while simultaneously presenting the concrete results that we have achieved.

Results and accountability


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Strong participation

At SKPO, we see participation as an opportunity for collaboration with different echelons, parents and teachers. Parents and professionals work together intensively and engage in dialogue as critical partners who are capable of contributing knowledge and expertise. All SKPO schools have a Participation Council (PC), which is made up of parents and professionals. In addition, each school delegates one PC member (a parent or member of staff) to SKPO’s Joint Participation Council (JPC). The split between parents and members of staff in the JPC is almost equal. Day-to-day administration is handled by two parents and two members of staff.


The PC consists of parents and members of the school’s staff. They represent all parents and employees of the school. The PC has explicit powers: it has a right to be consulted on major financial and organisational decisions and has ratification authority. Each PC draws up a set of PC rules. A copy of these rules can be requested from each school, or they can be viewed at each school.


The JPC considers a wide range of policy issues that affect SKPO as a whole, based on a common theme: the best interests of the child. The buildings, budget, collective labour agreement and other issues are all considered by the JPC members. Each issue, without exception, leads to lively debate and inspiring insights, which the JPC members take back to their own PC for further action. This dynamic structure leads to a process of continuous change within SKPO, with the best interests of the child as the overriding theme.

Regulations and procedures

SKPO has set up regulations and procedures that may apply to you.

  • Would you like to enrol your child at an SKPO school? Please contact the school of your choice.
  • Parents have rights and obligations in relation to suspension and expulsion of their child. General information about suspension and expulsion can be found on the education inspectorate’s website: onderwijsinspectie.nl
  • Complaints:
    Complaints at an SKPO school, what now? In an ideal world, the school, the parents and the pupils support the school’s policy at all times. However, situations that require specific attention may arise. In such cases, SKPO does everything possible to initiate a dialogue and jointly find a solution. The “Complaints at an SKPO school, what now?” regulation may help. It also provides details of our external confidential adviser and the National Education Complaints Committee (Landelijke Klachtencommissie Onderwijs).

SKPO also has a Complaints regarding SKPO Staff regulation

Divorced parents protocol

Child abuse protocol